2014 k-z-iIntroduction of solid feeds to a nursing foal's diet should start after 3-4 weeks after its birth as the composition of mare's milk changes unfavorably - qualitatively and quantitatively. Centaur H&H is the first easily digestible solid feed for nursing foals. Its specific composition provides an initial basis for achieving and maintaining a stable metabolism, proper and balanced growth and development of bone and muscle mass, proportional development of certain regions of the body and foal in general. It also provides a good transitional basis for consumption of complete feed for young horses in the growth and development.

baby h hImportant features:

  • easily digestible feed
  • for a stable metabolism
  • for balanced growth and development

dehydrated alfalfa, ground barley flakes, ground wheat flakes, heat-treated soybeans, flax seed, pelleted straw, add milk, corn, molasses, vitamin-minera premix (Vitamin K3, Vitamin C, vitamins of B complex, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Biotin)

Added to 1 kg BABY CENTAUR H & H – foal starter feed:

Vit. A 23.500 i.j.
Vit. D3 2.500 i.j.
Vit. E 250 mg
Choline chloride 585 mg
Jodine 1,95 mg
Copper 30 mg
Iron 100 mg
Zinc 175 mg
Manganese 120 mg
Selenium 0,65 mg

Nutrition content:

Crude protein 15,5 %
Crude fat 6 %
Crude fiber 8,5 %
Calcium 1,5 %
Phosphorus 0,65 %
Sodium 0,35 %
Magnesium 0,35 %
DE 12 MJ/kg

Feeding directions:
introduce gradually into the meal with quality voluminous forage from the 4th weeks of life. Slowly increase the proportion of Centaur Baby H & H until weaning (approximately 16 weeks), and then form a complete meal with quality hay.

20 kg bags