Centaur basic feed for sport horses (K-S-Mix)(Supplement compound feed for horses)

k s mixIngredients: oat, wheat bran, corn flakes, wheat straw, corn t.h*., dehydrated lucerne, kuškovit, soya husk, toasted soya, crushed carob beans, sugar beet molasses, sunflower oil, vegetable fat (palm fatty acids).
*(h.t.- heat threated)

Analytical constituents:

Raw proteins 11,10 %
Raw fibres 11,00 %
Raw oils and fats 5,00 %
Raw ashes 6,00 %
Calcium 0,80 %
Phosphorus 0,53 %
Sodium 0,34 %
Methionine 0,15 %
Methionine + Cysteine 0,34 %
Lysine 0,35 %
Threonine 0,27 %
Tryptophan 0,15 %

Animal feed supplements in 1kg K-S-Mix:

Nutritive supplements: Vit.A 12.250 i.j., Vit.D3 1.225 i.j., Vit.E 91 mg, Vit. 2,5 mg, Vit.B1 6 mg, Vit.B2 4 mg, Vit.B12 20 mcg, Niacin 10 mg, Pantothenic acid 6,5 mg, Folic acid 1,2 mg, Biotin 0,35 mg, Colin chloride 246 mg, Iron 75 mg, Iodine 0,42 mg, Copper 13 mg, Mangham 43,5 mg, Zink (ZnO (45mg) + Zn(x)1-3xnH2O 35mg)) 80 mg, Cobalt 0,35 mg, Selenium ((Na2SeO3 ) 0,11 mg, + (CNCM I-3060, Sel-Plex ) 0,12 mg)) 0,23mg

Technological supplements: Antioxidant (BHT), (Propyl Gallatin,) 30mg, Citric acid 20 mg, Sodium citrate 0,4 mg.

Food additives: Aroma 800 mg

Feeding directions: This compound feed is used to feed jumping sport horses that are undergoing training and being prepared for competitions.

It is used as supplement to meet daily nutritive needs of your horse, along with basic hay, pasture and fodder.

Daily portion depends on needs, quantity and quality of the basic meal:

  • for horses undergoing intensive training - 1 kg per 100 kg body mass
  • for horses undergoing easy training - 0,50 kg per 100 kg body mass

Feed in portions, dry, with plenty of fresh water available all the time.

Store in dry, airy, dark and cold environment.

Produced in: Republic of Croatia

(Expiration date: produced 6 (six) months before minimal expiration date)

Packaging: 20kg

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