kuškofitSpecial mixture intended as a supplement to horse nutrition during the most intense progress and development of bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, as well as for protection in old age. This product is intended for all categories of horses as a supplement to the basic meal for maintenance of health in all stages of life.

As growth and development of the skeleton in foals and young horses is specific, it often occurs the need to add different components for the proper development of a complete locomotors system. Horses have a high center of gravity in their musculoskeletal system (height), and muscle mass can increase quite proportionally with the development, because the tendency of bone growth is greater in length than in width. Such progress is especially metabolically demanding, particularly in the elements of the skeleton - calcium, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin D and others.At the same time, of great importance is the development and strength of other elements of the skeleton - the joints, ligaments and tendons because they make the system more stable and movement safer.

Young animals, hard working and sport horses often suffer major changes in the metabolism of skeleton because of great strain. Bones and their associated elements are their entire life under constant construction and degradation, depending on the strain and the general state of the body. In these periods it is necessary to promptly recognize the need for bone elements. Changes that occur in bones are usually slow, but are often irreversible.

Although the most demand is on the skeleton, it is important to focus attention on the muscles as well since strong and healthy muscles greatly facilitate stability of the entire locomotors system. Therefore Kuskofit contains a high concentration of vitamins E and C, and microelements of selenium, which directly affect the overall resistance and represent the first line in the fight against the very harmful free radicals.

Added to 1 kg CENTAUR KUSKOFIT a minimum of:

Vitamin A 3.500.000 i.j.
Vitamin D3 100.000 i.j.
Vitamin E 12.000 mg
Vitamin C 15.000 mg
Copper 3.500 mg
Manganese 4.800 mg
Zinc 10.000 mg
Selenium 35 mg
Methionine 20.000 mg
Calcium 10 %
Phosphorus 4 %
Sodium 4 %
Magnesium 0,2 %
Flavour 2.000 mg
Glucosamine sulphate 12.500 mg
Chondroitin sulphate 1.950 mg
Dextrose do 1.000 g

mixing into feed.

vitamin mineral premix, dextrose, calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, salt, DL-methionine.

Dosage (suitable for all types of horses):

  • foals - 15 g per day
  • Adult horses, breeding stallions and mares - 30 g per day
  • Sport Horses - 45 grams per day

Shelf life:
6 (six) months.

1 kg canikin