2016-mashCentaur - Mash is a specifically structured feed, produced from high quality raw materials which were thermally processed, fermented plants, essential oils which stimulate the digestion and clear the respiratory tract. It is intended for all adult horses after hard work, long duration transport, colic, for mares after foaling.

mashImportant features:

  • quicker recovery from effort and stress
  • tasty meal
  • stimulates metabolism
  • high digestibility and usage of nutritional components
  • enriched with vitamins and minerals

wheat bran, corn flakes, barley flakes, wheat flakes, straw pellet, flax seed, Kuskovit Centaur Q, sunflower grit, deh, Lucerne, molasses, sunflower oil, sugar beet pulp, oat, horseradish root, fermented grasses, fermented Lucerne, fermented oak bark shaving, eucalyptus oil.

Feed supplements in 1 kg:

Vit. A 15.000 i.j.
Vit. D3 1.500 i.j.
Vit. E 50 mg
Iodine 0,35 mg
Copper 30 mg
Iron 40,5 mg
Zinc 100 mg
Manganese 100 mg
Selenium 0,55 mg

Analytic composition: 

Crude protein 11,0 %
Crude fiber 7,5 %
Crude oil and fat 7,5 %
Crude ash 5,5 %
Calcium 0,85 %
Phosphorus 0,5 %
Sodium 0,4 %
PE 13 MJ/kg

Use instructions:
serves as meal supplement for horses, pasture, and hay.
It is mixed with hot water in the quantity of 0.4 kg Centaur-mash per 100 kg horse bodily mass per day.

Mix 0.4 kg Centaur - Mash with 0.2 L of hot water for every 100 kg of horse bodily mass, leave the mixture prepared in such a way to absorb water (30 min.) and serve it warm to the horse.

Give 2-3 times a week as an evening meal, it may also be given in a dry state.

Provide the horse with plenty of fresh water.

15 kg bags