Obavijest o godišnjem odmoru

Poštovani kupci, zbog korištenja kolektivnog godišnjeg odmora tvrtka Kušić promet neće raditi od 12.08.2024. - 16-08.2024. (zadnji radni dan PETAK 09.08.2024. - prvi radni dan PONEDJELJAK 19.08.2024.).

Ukoliko trebate hranu za životinje, molimo Vas da ju naručite u periodu prije ili poslije kolektivnog godišnjeg odmora.

Hvala na razumijevanju!

kuškovit-metiobiotinVitamin mixture is used as a horse feed supplement. Due to its special recipe and method of preparation it can be fed to all types and categories of horses. It contains all the necessary vitamins and particularly high concentration of biotin.

Continuous use of this mixture ensures a better fitting horseshoe, stable nails, shiny hair, luxurious mane and fuller tail. Proper administration and adherence to recommended dosages, alongside good hygienic conditions ensure achieving excellent results in animal nutrition, thus improving thickness, hardness and strength of the hoof. Hooves grow rapidly and to a stronger and more flexible constitution.

Helps in developing strong and stable wall, stable soles of good load-bearing capacity and shine.

vitamin-mineral premix, dextrose, calcium carbonate, DL-methionine, flax seed, binder, plant carrier, flavour.

mixing into feed.


  • adult horses - 10 g per day per horse
  • foals - 5 g per day per horse

Added to 1 kg CENTAUR METIOBIOTIN at least:

Vitamin A 500.000 i.j.
Vitamin D3 50.000 i.j.
Vitamin E 3.000 mg
Vitamin K3 150 mg
Vitamin B1 650 mg
Vitamin B2 1.000 mg
Vitamin B6 550 mg
Vitamin H / biotin 2.000 mg
Vitamin C 2.000 mg
Niacin 600 mg
Pantothenic acid 250 mg
Folic acid 50 mg
Choline Chloride 4.000 mg
Zinc 2.000 mg
Dextrose 25 %
Antioxidant 100 mg
Flavour 4.000 mg

Nutrition content:

Crude protein 5 %
Crude fat 6,5 %
Crude fiber 1,5 %
Crude ash 15 %
Calcium 5 %
Phosphorus 0,15 %
Methionine 8,5 %

Shelf life:
6 (six) months.

1 kg canikin