• New product!

    New product!

    Centaur feed for sports horses - western (K-S-W) -complete food for horses in the period of high training and for horses under low workload. Read More
  • New products!

    New products!

    Centaur Arabian elegance (K-A-E) and Centaur Stallion (K-PA), Specifically structured, complete feed Read More
  • New product! Centaur Respo.

    New product! Centaur Respo.

    Liquid supplement to horse feed with a mixture of essential oils with added vitamin C for horses with respiratory problems. Read More
  • Why pelleted feed?

    Why pelleted feed?

    Pelleting is a widely accepted way of preparing feed, which includes different methods of mechanical and thermal processing. Read More
  • Complete and functional feed

    Complete and functional feed

    Health and welfare of horses are the two elements that make the platform on which rests the further development of the horse. Read More
  • Centaur concept of nutrition

    Centaur concept of nutrition

    From the first days of life until the late age there is a need to ensure the best form of nutrition for your horse. Read More
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Centaur horse feed

  • Centaur basic feed for horses (K-O-I)

    Centaur basic feed for horses (K-O-I) Complete feed intended for adult horses during recreation and light work as well to be combined with other feeds during the transitional period of increase in the intensity of training, (see chapter "How does Centaur concept of nutrition work?", P. 8 and 9). This feed complements all essential nutrients needed alongside the primary forage, hay or pasture. Due to its specific composition, it can be freely given to horses without fear of unwanted digestive problems. Intake of this feed ensures great shape of your horse, achieves a stable metabolism and ensures their calmness. Read More
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