The focus of our concept of nutrition are health and welfare of horses, two elements that make the platform on which rests the further development of the horse according to its constitution, predisposition, and physical performance.

front1-2Three principles of completeness:

  1. Close production process, quality control and product delivery
    The process of procurement of raw materials, production, storage, delivery of products and quality system is monitored and improved based on analysis of data     collected from records of quality system assessment procedures and comments from customers. Particular attention is paid to monitoring market demand.
  2. Homogeneity, functionality and balance of pelleted feed
    Homogeneity of the principle of "all the ingredients in each pellet" prevents many problems that can occur when feeding with hand-mixed raw materials or similar non pelleted mixtures on the market. Uniformity of feed ensures proper and balanced diet and meeting the nutritional needs of horses.
  3. Lifelong concept of nutrition
    Our concept of nutrition for horses is based on meeting the nutritional needs of horses "from birth until the end of life", according to different stages of life. Production and availability of the complete range of horse feeds ensure recognition, security and trust in the "Centaur concept of lifelong diet".

Proper nutrition is imposed as an important factor in maintaining the health and is an unavoidable precondition for well-being of horses, which forms the basis for achieving better results, both in breeding and in sport.

Proper and balanced diet improves physical fitness and performance, has a positive effect on mood and behavior of horses and qualitatively and quantitatively complements and depreciates anomalies in the availability of certain essential nutrients and elements in the body.

Non-selective approach to feeding, all essential ingredients in each pellet, total digestibility and microbiological purity of pellets ensure uniform nutrient supply and meeting of abstained and specific needs conditioned by different disciplines of equestrian sport.